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Sun Dog

This large painting is from a photo I took of my backyard. I liked the simplicity of the composition and how all four elements are captured in the lower half – reflected sun, water, reflected… Read More »Sun Dog

A Prayer

This is an oil and Sharpie painting on masonite. It was a fun and challenging surface to paint on, and actually quite forgiving but also scratchable so it is behind a thick piece of plexiglass.… Read More »A Prayer


This is my rendition of a beautiful photograph I saw in the New York Times by Dmitry Kokh. I painted it because I related to it, not to sell it or rip off Mr. Kokh.… Read More »Abandoned


This is a large oil painting about the importance of my new cat, who is an oasis of love and life in a time of turmoil. My old cat recently passed away at the age… Read More »Requiescat

Niobe’s Shadow

Niobe’s Shadow This large oil painting includes a reference in the background to the Greek mythological figure Niobe, whose weeps forever over the loss of her children. Cursed by the gods because of her father’s… Read More »Niobe’s Shadow