Painting allows me to really see a being (human, animal or even a plant). I also like working small – check out my tiny portraits on the next page.

Portrait of my mother in honor of her passing

Acrylic paint on a 100 year old stump.

Portrait of Beth as the Goddess Athena

Oil on canvas

11 x 14

Juan and his dogs

Oil on canvas paper

12 x 16

Jamie as Queen Vashti

Oil on canvas

23 x 35

Self Portrait, 1969

Pencil on paper

8 x 11

Copy of Van Eyke portrait, Boston Museum

pigment and oil glaze on canvas

16 x 20

Jamie, sunning in the Rainforest

Oil on canvas

12 x 18

3 x 3

Jack, in his memory

Acrylic on mini canvas board